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Black Diamond Estate Strategies is an Estate Planning Strategist and Advisory Firm that builds sophisticated Estate Planning Solutions for High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth families and closely held businesses.

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Unlike other funding scenarios, we work with our high-net-worth families and their advisors to build estate planning strategies to mitigate their estate tax liabilities.


Our specialized funding mechanisms result in a solution that offers to mitigate their estate tax liabilities with NO out-of-pocket cost to our client.


We build specially designed funding models for Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer for High-Net-Worth families. This is NOT Premium Financing, but rather Premium Funding. Our clients and their families should NOT be paying interest, they should be earning it.

We are not going to fix new-world problems
with old-world solutions.


Traditional Estate Planning Strategies require a significant amount of wealth to either be paid out in the form of a tax or insurance premium or to gift away wealth to charitable causes.

High-Net-Worth clients do not like paying taxes, interest, or insurance premiums. And given the choice, most High-Net-Worth clients would rather give their wealth to their families instead of a charity.

Our unique MEPS models create the right kind of transfer that eliminates the Federal and State Estate Tax Liabilities at $0 out-of-pocket cost to the client and their families.

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Meet JOHN.

John’s core values are education, transparency, honesty, and integrity.  These are qualities John learned from his parents. John feels that he exists to serve others, and there is great nobility in that cause.

John takes a great deal of time in getting to know every person he meets with, to ensure he gets a thorough understanding of their unique goals. He has earned several coveted professional designations, including the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL FIDUCIARY®. His background is in income and legacy planning, but when John met Tracey Spikes – A certified MEPS advisor  – everything changed. He partnered with Tracey to deliver MEPS and is now changing lives one estate plan at a time.  John could not be more proud to promote Tracey and the exceptional team at MEPS.

John has lived in Tennessee since he was born and is an active member of his local church. When he isn’t working with his clients, John enjoys spending time with family and friends. He and his wife, who is also a lifelong resident of Tennessee, love to travel, with Hawaii being one of their favorite destinations.


As a Chief Business Development Officer, Tracey believes that the most important element of his business model is to work in the very best interest of his clients and prospective clients to achieve the most efficient and economically cost-effective means to mitigate their financial risks and liabilities. A Client-First mentality drives all of his planning models.  

Tracey has 29 years of experience as a financial counselor and fiduciary. He focuses his passion on helping clients reduce, avoid, or eliminate catastrophic losses that come with tax liabilities and wealth transfers. High-net-worth clients have unique problems that demand unique planning strategies. His goal is to introduce, educate and implement Level 10 planning models for those eligible high-net-worth clients and their families to a better planning model. HNW Families should not be forced to pay excessive insurance premiums or financed compound interest often found in traditional planning methods.    

Born in Spring, TX, Tracey now resides in Greenville, SC with his beautiful family.

Meet CHAD.

With a career spanning over two decades, Chad has been involved in designing financial models for the ultra-wealthy and understands their approach to money. His observations reveal: So many accumulate significant wealth, yet experience an internal void. This often comes from putting their identity in their Net worth. With an industry that is not investing in their clients, yet fully investing in maintaining control of their client's portfolio, it tends to keep their lives on the emotional roller coaster of chasing rates of return and beating the market! The majority just don’t know all their options.

Nationally recognized as the leading authority and the number one strategist for building true wealth, Chad uses a combinational approach to wealth creation. His mission is not only to help people build external wealth through proven strategies that guarantee profitability but also to cultivate internal wealth. He is dedicated to empowering others to pursue their purpose, unlock their potential, become fully present, and experience real peace both personally and financially.

Chad resides in Fountain Inn, SC with his beautiful bride and two sons.

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